After much internal debate, I have decided to create a blog completely dedicated to my Division III work. Among my initial concerns were things like, “Gosh, what if nobody’s interested in reading it,” which I’ve decided is a silly thing to worry about, anyway.  I’m hoping to use this blog as a tool for myself to chart my progress and put my thoughts down all in one place.  Lord knows I have about ten notebooks and sketchbooks with various scribblings and doodles regarding my project, and it will be nice to have a place to collect all those bits and bobs.

That all being said, I do very much appreciate and encourage the thoughts and feedback of any readers.  I’m new at this whole Div III thing (obviously), and I’m new at creating a show and directing it and whatnot, so I value the experience of others.

If you do choose to read, expect a lot of the following:  Random tidbits of Italian, rants about Fascism, songs about Socialism, why Italy’s great, why Italy sucks, my crazy family, circus people/troupes who do cool things, costume/fashion designers who are my idols, masks, mask-makers, mask-making, designs, Div III, applying for grants, cultural identity, cultural appropriation, wealthy landowners, peasants, immigrants, accordions….


About lapiccolacoccinella

I consistently have trouble with self-definition, but I'll give it my best shot here.... I am a twentysomething Italian-American woman from New England who loves clowning and cats and goth subculture and animanga and art and writing and books. I am an aspiring author and artist who currently blogs for Amazing Stories Magazine. I love getting feedback and advice from readers in order to allow my work to grow. View all posts by lapiccolacoccinella

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