Influences: Cirque Éloize

Another troupe I would give essential organs to be able to work with is Cirque Éloize.  Visually stunning, painfully talented….  Unfortunately, I’ve only seen their show Nomade, and only on DVD.  But dear God Almighty.

I think I’ve taken a lot of influence from this show in terms of concept/content.  That is to say, I’m not stealing their ideas (I wouldn’t be able to pull it off if I tried…), but I think watching this show last January planted some of those seeds about community, family, and Italians (song they sing in the end is in Italian).

And their clowns are perfect.  Perfect.


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I consistently have trouble with self-definition, but I'll give it my best shot here.... I am a twentysomething Italian-American woman from New England who loves clowning and cats and goth subculture and animanga and art and writing and books. I am an aspiring author and artist who currently blogs for Amazing Stories Magazine. I love getting feedback and advice from readers in order to allow my work to grow. View all posts by lapiccolacoccinella

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