Influences: Cirque Mechanics

When I tell people I do circus in school, they tend to ask me if I want to join Cirque du Soleil.  The answer is always no.  I mean, if they offered me a job, that’s one thing.  But I don’t agree with the way they run their circus – though I agree that they often put on a damned fine show.

No, the “cirque” I’d love to be a part of is Cirque Mechanics.  They have this glorious sense of design incorporated into their shows that blows my mind.  I really love the idea of having set pieces that function as circus props.  So without further ado, some visual aids:

That’s from “Birdhouse Factory.”  I have never before or since seen a contortionist who blew my mind in quite the same way that the female contortionist in this show did.  The talent of these individuals is incredible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a longer video from “Boomtown.”  I think I might have liked “Birdhouse Factory” more, but this show was also amazing.  CHINESE POLE.  It’s awesome.  Additionally, it was nice to have a female klepto clown (she’s not in the video much).

So anyway, there’s a little view on my inspiration for my work.  More to come, certainly.


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