Song-Time Sunday the Second!

Wow, it’s already Sunday again!  I haven’t posted a whole lot over this last week, unfortunately.  It’s been a long one full of work and celebrating my mother’s recent graduation from massage therapy school (yaay!).  That being said, I hope to really get the ball rolling this week, while I spend my Christmas break in Maryland with my boyfriend’s family.

So without further ado, the Italian song of the day!  This week, we’ve got one of my favorites, “Reginella Campagnola.”

Written in 1939 by Eldo Di Lazzaro, this is a very popular song about Abruzzo.  For some reason, any time I look for a translation, I come up with the American version, “The Woodpecker Song.”  For those of you who don’t understand Italian, this song has absolutely nothing to do with woodpeckers; I think the tune was used with different lyrics.  Because it’s a great tune.  The song is actually  about the beauty of the Italian countryside.  Let’s see what Google Translate/some interpretation on my part can give me for you guys.

Lyrics in Italian:

All' alba quando spunta il sole
La nell' Abruzzo tutto d'or
Le prosperose campagnole
Discendono le valli infior.

O campagnola bella tu sei la Reginella
Negli occhi tuoi c'e il sole il colore
Delle viole delle valli tutte in fior
Se canti, la tua voce
E' un armonia di pace
Che si diffonde e dice:
"Se vuoi viver felice devi vivere quassu!

Quand' a la festa dal paesello
Con la sua cesta se ne va
Trotterellanlo l'asinello
La porta verso la citta.

Ma poi la sera al tramontare
Con le sue amiche se ne va
E tutte intenta a raccontare
Quel che ha veduto la' in citta.


At dawn when the sun comes out
 In Abruzzo all golden
 The prosperous peasant
 They descend into the valley's floral display.

 O beautiful countryside,
 you are the little queen!
 In your eyes there is the sun the color
 All the of the valley's violets in bloom
 If you sing, your voice
 Is a harmony of peace
 That spreads and says:
 "If you want to live happily, you have to live up here!

 When at the village party
 With her ​​basket she goes
Trotting around (?) the donkey,
 The door to the city.

 But then in the evening, at sunset
 With her ​​friends she goes
 And all intent on telling
 What she has seen in the city.

The translation is a little iffy, but I think it gets the general message across. This is a great song - a little idealized, but very pretty and fun.


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