Influences: Mummenschanz

Thinking of the Muppets frequently leads my train of thought to thinking of another awesome group of folks who have influenced me, and who I really wish to be able to emulate in some way: Mummenschanz!

Hailing from Switzerland, Mummenschanz is a troupe of very few (four or five?) pantomime/mask/puppet artists who do CRAZY, CRAZY, phenomenal things.  They are fun, silly, ingenious, and entirely original.  The first time I saw them was on a rerun of The Muppet Show, and it would be absolutely incredible to see them live.  Apparently, it takes years for them to come up with a new show, so a lot of the stuff available on the internet looks very similar – but it’s just the bee’s knees.

The movie is just small samples of their work – I highly recommend searching them on YouTube or watching their guest appearance on The Muppet Show!


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