Characters: Il Contadino – The Farmer

It’s been a while since I wrote any of the character descriptions.  I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to hear more about my fascinating characters!  Haha….

Unlike the Widow and the Witch, the two male characters are a little less known/developed in my mind.  I’m hoping that a lot of their character comes out as we begin rehearsing at the end of January/beginning of February.

In terms of il contadino, the Farmer, I think the least is known.  I’ve been discussing this character a lot with the performer who is going to portray him.  We’ve decided that he’s pretty laid back, set in his ways, sedate, slow to be angered/excited/etc.  He knows his place and is content with it – very much the archetypal farmer.  I think he has an excitable side, too, but I don’t want to give too much away!

For acts, possibly some rope-dart, some acrobatics stuff.  Again, very little is known about him, and I’m trying to piece together what his greater purpose is.  In many ways, I think he is a great example of how many Italians at the time were very unaware/uninterested in the political turmoil.  I think that many peasants, or even just common folk, didn’t see themselves as having the right or the ability to lobby for change.  Luckily, there were others who were very passionate and saw to it that Italy be changed for the better.  People like the Farmer are not bad or stupid, but they have been conditioned to understand that the life they lead is not controlled by them, but by those in power.


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