Characters: Il Fornaio – The Baker

The Baker is a curious character who likes to play with everyday objects.  Instead of the stereotypical rotund, loud individual, my Baker is tall and thin and pretty quiet.  He’s very good at taking things in stride, especially when the Witch does something obscene (which is probably often).

I find it interesting now, after I’ve been imagining these characters for months, that my female characters are two opposite sides of the emotional spectrum (deep melancholy and…complete insanity?), whereas the male characters are pretty staid.  I am hoping that the Baker in particular becomes a little more bubbly – not to the extent of the Witch, but just so the guys can be more distinct from each other.

Like the Farmer, the Baker is hard-working and content in his job.  Unlike the Farmer, however, I think the Baker has a bit of an imagination and a willingness to create or support change in his world.  He’s a little “out there” on the traditional Italian peasant scale, but in a quiet, perhaps mischievous, sort of way.  I imagine him daydreaming while kneading dough, but also being so good at his job that he can afford to drift into his fantasies.


And with this post, we have a description of all the characters.  A small cast – a manageable cast.  I will update with progress once rehearsals are underway.  Writing about these individuals has certainly helped me to better understand why I’ve chosen them, why they are essential to the story I wish to convey.  Look for costume/make-up/etc. designs soon!


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