My next major project (that I work on without the aid of others, kind of) is filling out/writing up a grant application for the Design, Art, and Technology (or, DART) grant.  Once I’ve written it all up, I’ll post the whole thing here (I’ve already started a draft).

I was looking into other grants as well, but I’m starting to feel as though I won’t actually need that much money.  I’ll need money, certainly – most projects need at least a little bit of funding.  But I’ve become very good at working on a tight budget.  Most of the funding I need will be for set materials, I think.

And good news on that front, as well – I’m meeting with my set designer this afternoon!  I’ll write up a post and put up some images, hopefully, regarding that later on this evening or tomorrow.

Div III is slowly becoming more and more of a reality.  Scary.



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I consistently have trouble with self-definition, but I'll give it my best shot here.... I am a twentysomething Italian-American woman from New England who loves clowning and cats and goth subculture and animanga and art and writing and books. I am an aspiring author and artist who currently blogs for Amazing Stories Magazine. I love getting feedback and advice from readers in order to allow my work to grow. View all posts by lapiccolacoccinella

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