Yesterday’s Meeting with Kaitlin!

The set design meeting yesterday went very well!  I definitely feel more at ease with how this show is getting along now that I’ve heard the thoughts and ideas of another designer.  Things are still in the planning stages, but I’m starting to see that I have more time and less work than I thought.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t get stressed again, but I think that, on the whole, this is all going to work out just fine.

I like what Kaitlin has come up with so far in terms of color palette – lots of very rich earth tones with some accent colors.  I also like the simple set, which will be generously populated with props, I’m thinking.  Kaitlin had a lot of really great reference photos – some from this blog, and some from Chaplin’s films, from Cirque Mechanics and Cirque Eloize, from illustrations, and from people’s tours of Italy!  She sent me a bunch of them, and I’m also going to look through them for inspiration as I work out costumes and other aspects of visual atmosphere.

For now, however, I should be working on my DART grant application.  I’ve been trying to work on it since I’ve been up and dressed, but it’s been slow going.  I’m hoping I can get through a good chunk of work before circus playtime tonight!


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