A Delayed Song-Time Sunday!

Many apologies for not posting yesterday.  I’ve been a little up and down in terms of mood and physical well-being these last couple days, and I’m finding motivation a little difficult to muster.  But not to worry!  I’m feeling mostly better today (just a little headache, but I’ve taken some ibuprofen and I’m drinking some tea, so that should take care of itself soon).

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been reading Christopher Castellani’s novel, The Saint of Lost Things.  One of the characters in it plays the accordion, and there’s a pivotal scene in the book where he plays the song, “Mamma.”  I have to confess, it’s not a song I know very well, but I do recognize it.

And the eternal question comes down to this: Do I give you the Pavarotti version, or the Andrea Bocelli?  Since I can’t decide, I’ll give ya’ll both, and you can listen to whichever you please!

Andrea Bocelli’s performance is obviously more recent.  They are, however, both incredibly talented men.  I used to really love Pavarotti as a kid – he was this very round, very Italian man with god-like pipes.  As I grew, I started to understand more of who he was as a person, and I liked him less.  That’s not to say that I don’t still really respect his incredible musical legacy.  He certainly did a great service for Italian music.

But I’m more than a little enamored with Andrea Bocelli.  He comes from extremely humble beginnings, he seems to remember this and continue to be very humble – and despite what others would consider a crippling disability, the man plays a huge number of instruments, many of which he learned after the accident that finally caused his blindness.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the musicians I’ve chosen.  Now some lyrics and translations for you!


Mamma son tanto felice
Perche retorno da te
La mia canzone ti dice
Che il pui belgiorno per me
Mamma son tanto felice
Vivere lontano perche

Mamma solo per te
La mia canzone vola
Mamma sarai con me
Tu non sarai piu sola
Quanto ti voglio bene
Queste parole d’amore
Che ti sospira il mio cuore
Force non s’odono piu
Mamma ma la canzone mia
Piu bella sei tu
Sei tu la vita e per la vita non ti lascio mai piu

Sento la mano tua stanca
Cerca i miei reccioli d’or
Sento e la voce ti manca
La ninna nanna d’allor
Oggi la testa tua bianca
Io voglio stringere al cuor


Mom I am very happy
because I am returning to you
my song is telling you
that it is the most beautiful day for me
mom I am very happy
why should we live apart?

Mom, only for you
my song flies
mom, you will stay with me
you’ll not be alone anymore
how much I love you
these words of love
that my heart is whispering to you
maybe are not longer used

Mom, but my most beautiful song is you
you are my life
and for the rest of my life I’ll never leave you again

I can feel your tired hand
looking for my golden curls
I can hear, and your voice is a whisper
the lullaby of back then
today, your white head
I want to hold tight to my heart.

Lyrics and translation were found at:  http://lyricstranslate.com


And that’s that!  I was vaguely wondering whether I should wait for Mother’s Day to post this song – and then I remembered that my Div III show will have already been over for a month by then!  What a weird thought.  I may still keep up with this blog after the show – perhaps even after I graduate – since I know that the content here is something that will still be important to me as I go on in life, and I know there are others who find this information useful.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Sunday despite the lack of song, and that those of you in the US are having a peaceful, reflective Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  A presto!


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