Grant Progress and the Coming Weekend.

So, I’ve done a bunch of work on my DART grant proposal this afternoon.  I have a nice big chunk of it out of the way.  I think it still needs some editing and fine-tuning, but I found out that the deadline isn’t until February 24th, so I know that I have time to make it the best it can possibly be.  Of course, since I’ll hopefully be starting rehearsals at the beginning of February, I want to make sure my proposal gets the attention it deserves before said rehearsals eat up all my time.

Starting tomorrow, I am an orientation leader for incoming Spring 2012 students!  I have training all day Friday and half the day Saturday, then orientation for the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  That being said, my regularly scheduled Song-Time Sunday might be delayed again (or at least not happen until later in the evening).  Perhaps I’ll start working on the post now so that it’s easy to update on Sunday evening after an exhausting day of orientation fun!

I know I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately anyway, but just be prepared for more silence for a little longer.  Once rehearsals get under way at the beginning of February, I anticipate more regular posts going up here.  Div III is starting to get really exciting now that I feel inching ever-forward day by day!


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