Another Late Song-Time Sunday!

Alas – I have done it again, folks.  I have forgotten to post a song on the proper day!  My sincere apologies – I hope that I get my stuff together to keep posting songs at the proper times.

Without even further ado, “Amore Mio Non Piangere!”

This version has an extra verse than I’m used to, but I thought it was a particularly good one because it came accompanied with beautiful photos.  The song is about the women who used to work in the rice fields.

Some lyrics for you (from the Italian Wikisource website):

Amore mio, non piangere
se me ne vado via,
io lascio la risaia,
ritorno a casa mia.

Ragazzo mio, non piangere
se me ne vò lontano,
ti scriverò una lettera
per dirti che ti amo.

Non sarà più la capa
che sveglia a la mattina,
ma là nella casetta
mi sveglia la mammina.

Vedo laggiù tra gli alberi
la bianca mia casetta
vedo laggiù sull’uscio
la mamma che mi aspetta.

Mamma, papà, non piangere
non sono più mondina.
son ritornata a casa
a far la signorina.

Mamma, papà, non piangere
se sono consumata,
è stata la risaia
che mi ha rovinata.


My love, do not cry
if I go away,
I leave the rice field,
Return to my home.

Boy of mine, do not cry
If I go away,
I will write a letter
to say I love you.

There will not be a capa (female boss)
waking me in the morning,
but there in the house
I wake up to my mother.

I see there among the trees
My white house,
I see the doorway there,
Mamma waiting for me.

Mamma, Papa, do not cry
I am no longer in the rice field.
I am back home
To become a young lady.

Mamma, Dad, do not cry
if I am consumed,
It was the paddy
That ruined me.


My my, what an uplifting song on this Monday!  As I said, I’ll try to be on time this coming Sunday.  I hope you have enjoyed the song!

A presto!


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