A High-Flying Song-Time Sunday!

Second week in a row that I’m on time!  What a small miracle that is!

This week, I’d like to share a very popular Italian song with ya’ll – I believe it’s been translated into several languages, including English.  Thankfully, this video that I found has both the Italian lyrics and the English translation!

This song, without fail, reminds me of my grandfather.  I have a very distinct memory of asking him to teach me with words and sing it with me, and I think of that every time I hear it now.  There are a few slight variations on the lyrics in this song, and it’s been sung by many, many musicians, but they mostly all say the same thing – how wonderful it is to fly, and yet…how wonderful it is to be here on Earth with you instead.

A sweet sentiment for you all on this Sunday after Valentine’s Day!  I hope yours was a good one, and that the week ahead is just as nice!


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