Oops. (I’ve Been Busy.)

It’s been so long since I updated!  I’ve missed TWO song-time Sundays!  I’m sorry guys.

But I promise that my negligence to this blog comes from the fact that I’ve been working very hard on my show and all it entails.  I haven’t really done a whole lot of internet in general lately – mostly just checking emails and a quick glance at Facebook (mostly to check in with people RSVP-ing to the show).  Oh, and watchingThe Golden Girls after a long day of working.

One of the things I’ve managed to nearly complete is the show poster!  It needs to be resized and printed, but once it’s down to a manageable size, I will post a copy here.

What I have completed today is one of two photo boards that will be in display at the back of the Red Barn so that guests can see my inspiration.

Tadaaaaa!  A lot of the photos pictured are of my grandfather, because he spent more time in Italy than my grandmother did.  I tried to pick photos that showed some landscape.  The images of my grandmother and her family are from her trip to the US.  The uppermost lefthand photo is her passport picture – she’s in the middle.  She shared her passport with two of her sisters.

I got all the photos from my grandmother; I spent a couple days at her house, helping her babysit my baby cousin and hanging out.  I also got my grandfather’s Bersaglieri hat, which I have been treating like a sacred item.  To be fair, it really seemed that way to me while I was growing up.  That hasn’t changed.

What else, what else?  I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and organizing, mostly.  I would say don’t expect Songtime Sunday updates; I’ll do them if I remember, but I have a lot of stuff to get done in two and a half weeks, and I’m just going to concentrate on the show for now.

After April 11th around 10pm, I will be a free woman again – free to work on whatever project suits my fancy.

I will also have to write a retrospective.  I’m actually really, really looking forward to that.



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