Two Weeks Til Show! TO DO.

All right folks, here’s the to-do list!

  • create two acts
  • complete all acts (except Rachel’s, which is pretty much all set)
  • finish making Madonna
  • print posters
  • finish/print programs
  • come up with short introductory speech
  • finish gathering costume pieces
  • train light and sound folks

Actually, other than that, there’s not a whole lot that needs doing.  I’d like to try to meet with my committee before the show, but at the very least, I see my chair every Tuesday and Thursday, so I’ll probably be talking with him regardless.

At this point, it’s mostly the rehearsals that have it, and I just have to be patient until those times and try not to get too worked up about the things I could potentially be doing.  I have time.  Everything will be fine.

My birthday is next Wednesday.  That’s probably around the time that I’ll really start panicking.


3 responses to “Two Weeks Til Show! TO DO.

  • ihtssm

    Hey there,
    just stumbled across your blog. Italian pride and culture–how exciting! I’m just starting to find an expression for my own (Italian) roots and this is awesome. Thankyou!

  • ihtssm

    Hi there, just stumbled across your blog, I’m a half-Italian living in Australia, just starting to find expression for my own roots. This looks awesome! I love it! Very exciting.

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