Looking Back, Briefly.

A week ago today, my last performance of Ritorno was about to start.

I’ve had a lot of conflicting feelings about it being over.  Much of it is relief, and a new-found sense of freedom.  But there is also a sadness, and a sort of meaninglessness that the end of a project entails.

Eight and a half months of work for an hours’ worth of show.  And then suddenly, it ends.

My final meeting is May 1st.

I’ll be working on my retrospective and my Div III portfolio.  I’ll probably post a lot of that stuff on here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has kept up with this blog.  I can’t guarantee what will happen to it now that my Div III is coming to a close, but I like to think that the issues I’ve raised here will always be important to me, and that I will continue exploring them in some way.


2 responses to “Looking Back, Briefly.

  • thehouseofvines

    Congratulations on the successful completion of your project – but I sincerely hope that this won’t be the end of your blogging as My Grandfather’s Goat is probably the blog I enjoy most these days. Commedia, cool Italian music, interesting reflections on history and the theater – it’s got it all!

    • lapiccolacoccinella

      Ah, that’s so kind! I’m hoping that there will be more for me to post here. I suppose it depends on whatever my next step in life is. But I will always have a love of the things I blog about here, so I probably will check back in every now and then.

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