A Note on Photos/A General Update

Hey all!

As many of you have probably noticed, I just updated the character portraits from Ritorno.  Sorry it took so long!

Photos were taken during a rehearsal and posted on a design board thing during the show.  All photos were taken by Rachel Ithen (the Widow).

Rachel also took some photos of rehearsals, which I have stored in an email somewhere, and which I might decide to share with ya’ll, if I find anyone is interested in something like that.

In other news, I have graduated from Hampshire College!  I now hold a Bachelors of the Arts.  This is all very exciting.  I currently have two weeks off before I have to start work again, and my days…well, honestly, they’re a little boring.  Not having any very specific project to do means I often don’t know what to do with my time.  I’m sure it’s a matter of getting used to having free time and learning how to set my own goals and projects up.  I know that it will come along soon.

I do still think about this project, now and then.  I’m actually trying to come up with new topics to center a show around, and that’s fun and challenging.  With Ritorno, the inspiration was very personal, and therefore kind of…self-fulfilling, I guess?  With any other project, unless I drew upon my own experiences again, it would be a very different thing.

My main issue is finding messages that are important to me, to convey with the themes I’m choosing.  Again, with Ritorno, everything kind of fell into place, was fairly self-evident.  But if I do, say, an ancient Egyptian themed show…what are the important themes within that overarching aesthetic/subject?  That’s my challenge.

Fear not – I have no abandoned this blog!  I’ll be back with more soon.

Ciao for now!


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